Monday, March 10

Daily Duds

I may not be 17 but I thought I would start my own collection on w_r (lowercase, I remembered!) anyway. Saturday and today's outfits below. I gave away a box full of clothes over the weekend. I have the most severe case of packratitis and have some (ok most) of the same clothes I wore my freshman year of college (I graduate almost 5 years ago!). My wardrobe is in dire need of a remix itself and hopefully with the help of Jovovich-Hawk for Target and vintage etsy stores we can make that happen!

Jacket - made by my mum

Top - BCBG

Jeans - handmedowns from a friend

Shoes - Thrifted

Jacket - Old Navy

Top - Kimchi & Blue from Urban Outfitters

Pants - Banana Republic

Shoes - Steve Madden from Buffalo Exchange

Scarf - left at my house by a friend = mine :) Just kidding, Dannikke

Bag - Jungle (found in a free pile; it has a big map of Boston Harbor on it)

1 comment:

  1. oh i gaaaave that to you... remember?! after leaving it at your house for 2 months... i said "You can have it!"