Tuesday, March 11

Daily Duds and Sneak Peek

I woke up 45 minutes late this morning. I just kept hitting the snooze while I was far away in dreamland. And I had NOTHING prepared in terms of clothing. My clean laundry is all over my floor right now because I have had no time to put anything away. And it's too much of a task to pick an outfit out the night before apparently. So this is what happens, kids, when you sleep in. Let it be a lesson to you all.Sweater - Target

Top - Buffalo Exchange

Pants - Diesel

Shoes - Buffalo Exchange

Necklace - Auburn & Ivory (that's me!)

And I made this necklace last night that I just love love love. I haven't paired it with a name yet (any suggestions - for ideas go check out the rest of the girls) but it will be part of my series on Etsy. I just need to juice up the old camera and take some better pictures.

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