Friday, February 1

My favorite things...

Weee - my first post. This is going to be a completely self-indulgent blog. If you like the things I like then you are all set and you should keep comin' back for more but if you don't then you are out of luck, my friend. auburn & ivory (also the name of my hibernating etsy shop) references a song from one of my favorite bands - Beach House. They have a pretty website and myspace AND facebook that you should check out and their new album is coming out - oh my god - this month!

Other stuff I'm obsessed with:
1. The Polaroid Kidd - these photos have been floating around for awhile now. The Polaroid Kidd aka Mike Brody captures a part of American culture that most of us don't see or think about. He travels around documenting places he wanders through and friends he meets along the way. They (the photos) are sad and beautiful. I think in a parallel universe I live like this instead of trucking it to an office every morning. Also available at needles and pens.

2. Anthropologie outfits - New Catalog! I just discovered these yesterday and I'm glad I did because they changed the outfits. I think I feel like striding today.

3. Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher - project website Learning to Love You More. I don't have the time to do a project myself but I love seeing what other people think up and create! Someday I'll get around to doing all of them! The picture below is from assignment #1 - "Make a child's outfit in an adult size" (and then wear it). I actually already own pink footed pajamas for adults but that is cheating.

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  1. i am so happy to see you blogging! and since i'm so far away, being able to read your messages and see your latest obsessions is like a ribbon wrapped present. as danny michaelson would say, brava!