Monday, February 25

Jessica Gonacha

Everyone should know someone like Jess Gonacha. If she is anything like her artist statement then she is probably always the perfect person to have around for any and all occasions. For Gonacha, this life is it, the one big chance to do what you love and she takes not taking life too seriously very seriously. Her "spontaneous" art is inspired by conservative painting elements and influences from the artist's childhood growing up in Boulder, CO. Typically, I think that "childhood" inspired art can come across as being too, well, childish. The subject might be too juvenile or the technique comes across as undeveloped. But these paintings and drawings are very grown-up but at the same time they remind me of less complex days and inspire to imagine my life that way now. What really drew me to her pieces when I first saw them was her use of color. Such imaginative responses to color combinations! How can something so daring appear so organic? I’m really excited to follow her new work and see what other possibilities she discovers.

Jess has affordable art and art inspired home decor at her etsy shop as well!

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  1. thank you so much!!! wow, what an incredible post. :) i am honored and touched. thank you a million times. :)