Friday, February 8

"Can you stay up to see the dawn in colors of Benetton?"

Favorite Friday Picks -
The end of the week is finding me a little mopey so I'm trying to brighten things up.

I wanted to post this bag from The Sea Within with my Mustards and Blues but it was a little too yellow. I've kept going back to look at it all week!

These skateboards from Think are HI-larious. I would probably break a limb if I actually tried to skateboard but I wouldn't mind having these on a wall.

I love these little Zoomies especially Peace Nigel even though his favorite band is Oasis.

Love love love this FREE wallpaper from Tess McCabe that I saw on Creature Comforts. I want to try and incorporate it into my layout somehow. Any ideas?

This necklace has been patiently sitting on my desktop waiting for a home all week long! Check out nervous system for more unique designs and a whole education (diffusion limited aggregation, what?). You can even "play + learn" and then use what you learn to design jewelry! Jesse and Jessica are probably two of the smartest designers out there. I am impressed!

Please go check out the vagina stationary at snew. It is rad and I totally would post it if I didn't think someone would flag me for being indecent! I do love me some roller derby though.

Cutie Ubiki pins at Shana Logic. Makes me think of the Peskimo flip book I saw on Larger than Ink (also super cute).

AND I couldn't pick one thing from Poppytalk Handmade so just go look at it all.


  1. I love your blog! Thanks for putting my very yellow purse in!