Wednesday, May 11



{sheepish lopesided grin}

sooooo.  it's been awhile. it's totally my fault i know.  i'm sorry.  there's just been a lot of stuff going on in my life and you know how time has a way of getting away from you.

but i've thought about you every day.  i hope you know that.

so what's new?

oh me?

i quit my job, started my own biz and now i'm moving to LA.  yeah that dreamy place in the sky that we've always talked about moving to but never mustered up the strength to actually go?  well, we're going.  like in two weeks.  we have a amazing house with hardwood floors and stairs...STAIRS! a real home and citrus trees and a loft.  things are going to be totally different and i think i'm gonna love it. 

it's so crazy how when you make a decision about how you want your life to be and then you just leap.  like just make the biggest change in your life ever.  how it all ends up working out so much better than you ever imagined it.  like this is what you were supposed to do the entire time and you just let your silly worries and fears hold you back.  when in fact there was this net to like save you.  and it all ends up working out somehow in the end. 

i'll be back. i promise.


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