Thursday, December 30

A New Year and A New Adventure

I started writing this post weeks ago so it might be a little schizo.  I have a lot on my mind!  It is a little bit rant/ramble and a little bit New Years' resolution. 

I've hinted here + there about changes a-brewing...changes in location and changes in life and we are approaching the deadline for the major transition period.  I've been gathering information, inspiration and slowly been preparing myself for the next phase of my life over the past couple of years.  But...

I've never dealt well with transition.  I've been a panicky mess the past few weeks.  Dropping me off at summer camp for the first time was a nightmare.  Of course, two days later I would be frolicking in the woods and making paper mache masks but the hours leading up to the event were always absolute torture.  I know I'll be fine and everything will turn out OK but I still always manage to worry myself into a frizzy in anticipation.  Also, in order to live the life I want I have had to force myself to act in a way that is slightly uncomfortable and out of my nature.  I definitely have crazy, hermit, cat-lady tendencies.  If it weren't for this whole ambition/follow your dreams kick I've been on I would be more than content holing myself up in my apartment and speaking to no one but my husband and my dog for days at a time.  I have chosen a path, however, that involves a lot of face time with other human beings.  I love these people dearly but I've had to really condition myself over the years to come out of my shell and be a braver, bolder person. week when everyone gets back into the office I am giving my notice.  Eek!  I have worked as a coordinator for a non-profit arts organization for the past 4 years.  I applied for the position while I was the Admin Asst though I thought I might be completely unqualified.  Part of me, the part that is afraid of rejection and would prefer to take the easy way out, almost didn't hand in my resume.  But I got the job and I proved to myself that I was in fact qualified and developed the position into something so much more than it was when I started.   I really found myself in this little office and learned so much about what I am capable of and what I really love to do.  As comfortable as it would be to stay here forever I wouldn't be the brave, bold person I want to be...the person who takes risks and doesn't take the easy way out...if I didn't leave now and start on the new adventure.

I have no idea what this new year will hold...the last year was jam-packed with new beginnings and surprises...but I know that I want to continue on this path.  This New Year's I resolve to...

1. Keep on being bold n' brave.

2. Keep on taking risks and avoiding the easy way out.

3. Take all those beginnings and surprises from 2010 and make them even bigger and better.


  1. you're an inspiration... best of luck to you, and CONGRATS on putting in your notice!!

  2. great resolutions! I still thinking on mine but yours are really brave! :)


  3. AMAZING. Following your dreams is about the bravest thing I can think of. Sending you positive vibes and all the strength you need to make this happen for you!

  4. I am so much like you- not the best at dealing with "change". I love this quote: "when patterns are broken, new worlds emerge." congrats on your new journey!

  5. This is just the sort of thing that makes me so happy. The fact that you stepped out of your comfort zone to try a new path in life is something that most people rarely have the courage to do. I hope you're feeling proud of yourself! Good luck, dear, and keep us posted!