Friday, August 20

The Brass Petal

I watched one episode of HGTV's Design Star, wasn't exactly thrilled with it and haven't seen an episode since. BUT the clear favorite for me just from watching that first one was Emily. Her room design was exactly my style and her outfit was just too adorable. She actually ended up in the bottom two, I think, that week so I was happy to hear today that she is one of the top two to win it! I was also REALLY happy to hear that she has a little blog of her own - The Brass Petal. She is an insane stylist with shoots for Domino under her belt. I actually saw the living room above somewhere else recently and it turns out this is HER living room (by the way, Emily, I agree with your husband)! I still want you to style my house when I move to LA, though! OK, off to start reading The Brass Petal from the beginning!

1 comment:

  1. Oh I'm glad you posted this. I don't watch Design Star but caught the tail end of the last episode where she made finals and was so impressed. I loved what I saw (much more than the other two finalists). Sadly I don't know if she has a TV persona. She seemed really nervous and awkward.

    Off to read her blog now!