Tuesday, April 13

A Little Plot of Land

{via Ikea}

Both houses in our little complex are soon to be unoccupied* so I plan to set up our side yard before anyone new moves in. Our old neighbor would let her little dog have run of the yard and wouldn't clean up after it. We never felt quite comfortable enough to entertain outside. I'm setting some rules now that we are the "senior" tenants. I have been dreaming of cafe lights, bistro chairs and potted plants. Just in time for summer!
{via a cup of joe}

*If you or anyone you know needs a house in San Diego please move in! I don't want weird neighbors!


  1. too bad we are moving to Boston :( otherwise Chuck and I could be your neighbors and we are absolutely fine with cafe lights and crafty parties

  2. No! You should stay! I found that exact table in the top photo plus 4 bistro chairs on Craigslist for $80. Our yard is almost ready for rockin'!

  3. i've been thinking about patio spaces non stop lately. i through a little backporch brunch the other day and it really is amazing what throwing pillows out on the porch does.

    i just read that Sunset article today and can't wait to keep going with the project. I really want some sort of outdoor rug, lights, and possibly some pallet benches like this http://www.re-nest.com/re-nest/creative-reuse/before-and-after-pallets-used-for-outdoor-furniture-081685

  4. Your house is beautiful. If it were me I would probably love to live there.

  5. This is an old post, but it totally cracked me up. I live in san diego by people who have a dog that they don't pick up after. That also bit me (didn't break the skin) in our common area. What is up with people? I hope you have great neighbors now.