Wednesday, April 7

Courier Delivers to my {OCD} Heart

Ever since my friend sent me this link about the new Microsoft "Secret Tablet" - Courier - I have come up with new reasons why I need it in my life everyday! There are so many projects I could create and ideas I could organize. Seriously, Microsoft, if you need people to do a little pre-launch testing I am your girl!

This girl's voice puts me to sleep but look how COOL this thing is! I want!


  1. Technology generally confounds me but this looks awesome, if I can ever figure out what it is lol.

  2. This looks so cool. I have to check it out.

  3. holy crap I WANT IT I WANT IT *cries* if i got this I wouldn't need to buy that super expensive hp laptop with rotating screen...ok i still want that as well......Oh and I got the like a glove, when not wearing thick socks