Monday, March 22

Weekend Eats

I spent a good chunk of this weekend eating really yummy food. On Saturday we went out for our first beach day of the season. Along the way, we picked up a couple of the yummiest hot dogs I've ever had at OB Kanobe's. This being OB the guy at the counter was super chill and a good time. That night we met friends for dinner at the new restaurant in North Park - The Smoking Goat. It was designed by the uber-talented team, Bell and Whistles, and was super cute inside.
I love the midnight blue walls, wire basket lamps and empty frames. Though we were sad about the no booze (their getting their liquor license soon!) the food was delish. Duckfat truffle fries. mmmmm. It sounds meaty but there are vegan and vegatarian options as well. And pretty much everything is local I think so ya know it's fresh and tasty.

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