Sunday, March 14

Places I Like Around the House Part 2

I rearranged the house to accommodate the newest "member to our family" - a HUGE-ass TV. So here is part 2 of places I like around the house. I think I can start to scratch off #3 on the list but only part of it (this item will probably never be fully completed).

{ Brigitte gets restless in one place so she moved over the couch once our friends bought us these rad framed prints from back East.}

{Our vintage table from Nest Vintage and our crazy blue couch ($40 at a yard sale!). Sister got me the bird prints over my desk that I had been wanting FORever and that's a New Castle, DE flag from Captain's bro.}

{Ikea makes me feel like a grown up sometimes. All these records used to be scattered over the floor dorm-room style before our old apt. flooded.}

{The mercury glass mushroom was a gift from sister (too bad it hides poor Captain's head).}

{ My big splurge from Room and Board looks so pretty with our antique table.}

{ I found this book of black and white photographs of old San Fransisco buildings. I framed a few and sent them to my sister to remember the amazing trip we took last year. I also kept a few for myself!}

{Beautiful botanical prints - another gift from my beautiful sister (she is like my art dealer)!}

{I got the lamp at Pottery Barn on sale actually. My lovely lady came from Chester's Furniture in North Park.}

{Nana wanted to be on the blog too.}


  1. love the pieces in the second to last photo - that lamp and the frame together? perfect!

  2. i love all of them! and Nana is sooo cute! :D

  3. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your pad so bad... xxoo

  4. I have those same shelves for my records. Aren't they the best?! Love your place -- the kind of place that makes you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in. Two thumbs up :)

  5. Wow, where did you get that jar lamp? I love it!

  6. ditto on the jar lamp inquiry, and, um, your place is pretty AMAZING. and only complimented by your skilled photography! what are you shooting on and at? gorgeous.

  7. Thanks everybody! I just use my boyfriend's camera since mine broke. I don't even know what it is! But I go to to edit them since I can't afford photoshop. There are some fun applications on there that I play around with.

  8. Godddddddddddd. Everytime you show your house pictures I want to cry a tiny bit. And then re-do our house. How is your so 'mazing????

  9. Lovely, lovely, lovely! We are always delighted to see furniture from our store in such well designed spaces. Hope you love your table!
    Annie @ Nest Vintage