Tuesday, February 16

Leanne's Fall collection* was inspired by topography and showcased her signature layered and romantic charm.

On a side note - I love that sleek locks have been replaced by tousled, curly bird's nest hair since that is pretty much what mine looks like every morning.

Tracy Reese

*I always thought designers, like, had people to make everything for them. Leanne is the coolest.


  1. the top one is off the hoooook. it looks like one of my new homestead paintings- topo maps as paint-by-numbers.

    good share!

  2. i have to agree about the whole hair deal. it makes me sad to think about the 90s & all that time i attempted to straighten the bird's nest.

  3. but but but.

    how can their hair look messy and still look so damn GOOD? i cant pull it off.

  4. wow. that long black dress is *perfection*