Friday, January 15

It's true...

{sob sob}'s true! I do want to be a "quirky, insouciant French gamine living in Paris." I'm sorry! {sob sob}
Really, I just want those shoes (ok and the coat...and the dress). But I don't want to spend $129 on them.
PS: Coco + Kelley just got my dream job. I hate you. I mean I love you but I hate you, ya know.


  1. gaaah! I also need her haircut.

  2. ME TOO!! (it's ok)

    I had this catalog on the couch when my very Mainer uncle came over. He looked at one photo and said, "Is that you?" which flattered me greatly. When I said no, he asked if I made the sweater in the photo, which of course I didn't, but was even more flattered that he thought I could! No, the folded pages are just what I wished I dressed like.

  3. This outfit is perfect. This is how I always want to look when I'm in Paris - stylish, casual, effortless - and yet I definitely never look like that!

  4. Yes, yes and yes. Damn you, Anthropologie and your mind reading powers!