Monday, December 21

Our House Holiday Style

As much as I love Christmas trees, I refused to spend $60 on something that was just going to die in a couple of weeks. Instead we used the grocery bags we never know what to do with. These also served as our wrapping paper this year. The sequins star is my favorite. I bought this garland for the tree as well and she sent some cute paper ornaments with it!

No tree to hang your ornaments? Just stick 'em in a bowl and call it a day.

Or hang 'em on the palm. This is California, ya know.


  1. ha, your tree is awesome! I am with you on not blowing $60 on a tree - definitely not in my budget. Plus, fallen pine needles need to be vacuumed up every day.

    This year, I bought myself a mini tree for 5 bucks. Perfect. :)

  2. We had a non-denominational holiday ficus in college. This makes me think of those silly happy times. And I'm more than a little in love with your recycled tree.