Friday, December 4


Happy Friday! I am going to Vegas for the first time tomorrow! Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Tuesday!
From another new favorite blog.
My dream hair color.
I LOVE advent calendars and this one looks pretty easy to make!

A couple more things to add to the list!


  1. oooo! that advent calendar is adorable! it's the second easy-ish, diy calendar i've seen today. i think i'm gonna have to make one this weekend even if december's already started!

    have tons of fun in vegas! and i think you should dye your hair that color. it's beautiful. so go for it!

  2. that advent calender is such a clever idea....for those who use matches you just have to save up over the year then make yourself some treats or buy them...and for kids you can choose what goes into their advent calender...makes it more interesting....please check out my blog also no one reads it as of yet and any advice would be great

  3. When my mother was my age, she had that perfect color of red you're referring to. It was gorgeous and long. She has NEVER dyed it or highlighted it, and it still has that coppery sheen, but just a little darker. It's beautiful. My strawberry-blonde locks look more red every year around this time, but I always wished that I had inherited that deep hue.