Tuesday, November 10

Survey Says...

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey. It was very informative! I found out a couple neat things about you guys.

  • There are a lot of ladies out there. Hello, one boy who isn't my fiance!!! I'm glad you could make it!
  • This was a surprise to me - you like inspiration posts the most followed closely by design and then fashion.
  • There is a lot you want to see more of and I will try my best to include these things in the future (baking, crafts, etsy, personal stuff, local San Diego stuff).
  • Some people don't care much for fashion or design but this is kind of a fashion and design blog soooo...
  • Some people want me to write more! I was surprised by this too since I usually just look at the photos on blogs and brush through the text. I'll try to speak up more often.

I'll keep up the pretty stuff and try and add in some more inspirational posts in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

{photo via sweet home style}

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