Friday, November 20


Weekend! I went out dancing last night and my body needs two days to recover. I'm collecting leaves and twigs for my Thanksgiving table. What are your plans?

More stripes. This time with some sunshine!

Chic and cozy Our childhood favorites in French!

Nature-inspired supermarket bouquet

I totally did this for a of weeks until I realized I was packing on the pounds from eating cake every Monday!

Cute kids.

Cool Parents.


  1. Love your post here. I don't always keep up on Design Sponge so thanks for adding her supermarket bouquet to your line-up here. I'm going to use that one for my thanksgiving table this year.

  2. Love the yellow rug (and that I've been seeing a ton of yellow in decor lately!)

  3. I'm collecting leaves, too! I was about to buy a wheat wreath and then I stopped myself--it'll be up two days and then rot in the garage until next year? So instead I'm making a leaf garland for the fireplace. Can't wait!