Thursday, November 19

Small Bar


Last night I had drinks with this hilarious lady at the new(ish) Small Bar. It's run by the same folks who run my beloved Hamiltons so you know it has to have good beer. Unlike Hammies, though, they serve booze. A lot of it. The place is, as you might have guessed, small and was packed when we got there. The music was a little louder than I would have liked and Erin and I had to yell at each other to have a conversation. That didn't really matter after the third Ginger Rogers (so yummy delicious!). They serve food as well and if it is as good as my Blind Tiger Grilled Cheese at Hammies then it must be good. We'll be back for Bloody Mary Brunch, for sure.


  1. This place sounds pretty perfect to me!

  2. Hey Emilia, its S Murphy =) (And yes, I heart your bloggie :) ) I was going to ask if you guys had tried out this place yet, I've been meaning to go there! I mean if Blair owns it, it's got to be fun, right?! We were going to go Saturday, but I had a cold. Maybe if you guys ave time we could meet sometime soon! The cocktails sound deeeevine! Thanks for the review!

  3. mmm...I can still taste that yummy ginger goodness. Had a blast with you. We must do it again soon!