Thursday, November 5

New Sponsor: LIFE unscripted

I am really happy to finally be able to tell you about my new sponsor - LIFE unscripted, "a soul-inspired lifestyle blog". I have wanted to post about this blog everyday since it came into my life. LIFE unscripted is a "themed weekly journal inspired by timeless wisdom, celebrated by creative and sustainable living, and shared by the common threads that connect us all."

I especially love the first post of the week - What Makes You Come Alive?. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle I forget to really appreciate being alive and focus on doing the things that make me feel alive. Besides great words of wisdom, LIFE will focus on DIY projects, healthy and soulful living, and playful, casual, simple everyday ways to live better by inspiring the soul.

Catch up on this week's themed posts and make sure you go back on Monday for the new theme!

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