Friday, October 16

Taylor's Talking Staircase

There is a funny and delightful interview in the NYTimes with choreographer Paul Taylor as well as a tour of his seaside home (he bought it for $89,000 in the 60s because his number was a match with the seller's). I'm in love with Mr. Taylor's answers and with his staircase.


  1. His house reminds me of the seaside hotel in Nights in Rodanthe - exactly the kind of house I dream of escaping to for long summers and curling up in during cold winters.

    There was a similar house (set, probably) featured in Ralph Lauren home ad - I have it, somewhere, amongst the piles of magazines in my bedroom (yes, bedroom - a house is a long way away for me), and it is truly enchanting.

    I can't wait to follow this blog.

    - The (Almost) Grown-Up