Wednesday, October 14


In my little world, and in my wardrobe, grunge never really died. I still borrow my boyfriend's plaid shirts and cardigans and I'm pretty sure my doc martens are still in the closet at my folks' house. I do regret not holding onto my collection of grandpa sweaters I rocked throughout high school, though. I swear I had a salvation army Christmas sweater that resembled the one above (mine cost $4 not $400). Non-grunge pricetags aside, I love this shoot for it's hippie grunge feel. That's more my style nowadays.

{via Camp Comfort}


  1. Ahhh this is gorgeous. Love the alpine, hippie, grunge feel. Just returned from Oregon and this completely fits the tone there. Little hard to pull off in San Diego somehow. And yes, my Docs are buried somewhere in a closet as well, along with a few SA sweaters I cannot part with. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love it! Except I don't sport sweet feminine patterns and skirts.