Friday, October 30

Halloween Future

I really want to go dancing tomorrow night so my Halloween costume was based purely on mobility and comfort. I had the raddest idea ever but decided that it would prohibit me from getting my groove on as much as I would like. I came up with another plan today but it definitely is not going to happen with only one day to go before Halloween. When Captain and I dated in college we went as Holly Golightly and Paul/Fred. The sweet, boring versions - black dress, pearls, little bangs, nice suit. That was before I read the book and realized what a cutesy sham the movie is (sorry, folks). Next time we attempt this couple I would like to go the creepy animal mask route. It's really the only way to do it.

{not Holly and Paul but totally creepy and loveable, no?}


  1. I've always wanted to be Olive Oyl with Popeye! Then yesterday I thought of another fun pair...The Gorton's Fisherman and The Morton's Salt Girl. A pair in yellow! I love group costumes too. One year my buddies and I were zom-bees.

  2. where are you going daaaaaancing at?

  3. Probably anywhere that is walking distance from our house. Bar Pink, The Office, blah blah, to encourage moderate to heavy drinking. It's one of those weekends.

  4. btw, i walked past bar pink yesterday, and saw that they are having a thriller theme night tonight.

    not bad.