Wednesday, October 28

French Market

I have always had this unexplainable obsession with all things French. Paris is my favorite city, I love the language, I love the food, I love the fashion, I love the attitude. Without even thinking about it my wedding theme has become Parisian Flea Market only because once I put all my inspiration pics together that's what emerged! I have decided to just run with it and now I have come across so many beautiful vintage and vintage-inspired French accessories I can't really control myself.

I need a million of these pillows!

Gorgeous vintage and handcrafted linens.
I have already spent more money here than I should have!


  1. YESSSSSS! me too! and i've never even been to france! but that's why i am finally learning french this semester, and it helps explain my love of ballet. paris is my dream. i want to go for my first time on my honeymoon.

  2. That is an awesome theme. If you have nutella crepes, it will officially be my favorite wedding ever (after mine, of course.)