Thursday, October 15


I really never intended for this blog to get all foodie on you. But I really, really love to eat. Like, a lot. And it's my week to cook and I've been cookin' up some really spectacular dishes (if I do say so myself). I just had to share.

Ever since my fig pizza from BLAH I have been obsessed with all things figs. This past weekend we devoured these fig breakfast sandwiches. They were incred.i.ble. The perfect combination of sweet and salty with flaky, yummy biscuits.

Then I experienced meatballs for the first time in my life on Monday (and again on Tuesday). Hey, I grew up in a house where the main chef (aka my mom) was a vegetarian.

Smitten Kitchen rocked my world last night with this acorn squash "pizza". We ate the entire thing between the two of us and wanted more!
What are your favorite recipes? I need to come up with some new ideas for my next cooking week!

{top image from here}


  1. Nothin' wrong with foodie posts! Who DOESNT love food, especially with these gorgeous photos. I think I just might have to try that fig pizza. Wow.

  2. i made a really tasty parmigiano-crusted tilapia with tomato sauce in july that i would recommend. i posted the recipe here -

    i don't know if you like burgers or not, but we really love burgers with bleu cheese butter and watercress. you can add red onion too if you like...we don't like onion though so we skip that part. all you do is make the patties, toast the buns in the oven inside part facing up, mix up bleu cheese with butter, spread the butter on the buns, add the burger, top with watercress. they are soooo good.

    and i always love roasted broccoli and roasted carrots...really, any vegetable roasted is amazing.

    you're inspiring me to start cooking again! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, isn't Deb's Butternut Squash and Gorgonzola Flat Bread recipe simply The Best? My friend and I can't get enough of it! Like you, I had to give it props on my blog (

    Great post!