Monday, October 26

Cupcakes and Coordination

This weekend was a great success. I had so much fun coordinating the wedding of Erin and Chuck. I seriously have never seen so many people have such a good time and shake their booty on a dance floor. It was amazing! And Erin and Chuck are the sweetest, most gracious, most genuine couple I have ever met. They are so perfect for each other and obviously have a lot of friends and family that adore them. I am incredibly happy for those two.

While I was up there I had the opportunity to stop by Miss Christine's new shop. Christine is probably the most adorable person I have ever seen and her shop totally matches her chic and impeccable style. I couldn't leave without buying a chocolate bacon bar for my man and supporting my favorite designer - Jamie of A Desert Fete.

All in all it was one of the best weekends I've had even though I was working my butt off. I wouldn't have wanted to experience it without my best buddy Kristen. She definitely made a lot of the wedding happen with her super mercury glass display and candle lighting skills!

UPDATE: The cupcake flavors were "plum" velvet (like red velvet but more purple) with cream cheese frosting. carrot cake with maple cream cheese frosting and pound cake with vanilla glaze (my favorite of the bunch).

{image by me}


  1. delicious looking cupcakes! you are making me hungry!

  2. congratulations on surviving (and enjoying) your first wedding! have i told you before that i used to be a wedding coordinator? yes, yes, it's true.

    and those cupcakes, of course, look amaaaaazing.

  3. oh wow! i am so excited for you - congratulations, it looks outstanding!! (can you share what flavors you whipped up? i'm dying to know!)

  4. i really enjoyed you stopping by! and those cupcakes? hello delicious! xo