Thursday, October 1


I've been cheating...
on my favorite restaurant. It's not that my feelings for Ritual have changed AT ALL. In fact I enjoyed some delicious fish n' chips just last weekend but sometimes a girl just needs a greasy pizza and a big beer list. Thank goodness Blind Lady Ale House (or BLAH as they call themselves in their newsletter. Yes, I do subscribe) has come into my life.

This is my week to cook dinners. Monday was a hit. Tuesday was delicious. Wednesday was...a disaster. I attempted to make this. I believe in my heart that the recipe is bad and not my cooking. With tears of frustration I scooped the gooey mess into the trash. Then I had a moment of clarity and inspiration. BLAH! I need BLAH! So we quickly headed over to the new-ish (to us at least) craft pizza and beer joint. We had enjoyed a quiet "brunch" (yes, sometimes it is OK to have pizza and beer for breakfast) here a couple of weeks ago and were dying to go back. Apparently, everyone else was too because it was packed on a Wednesday night. We got our fig (the best) and sausage pizzas right away, though, and the yucky eggy catastrophe was quickly forgotten.

{blind lady on flickr}


  1. I dig this place. Went there for St. Patrick's Day this year (to avoid the long lines at Rosie O'Grady's) and it quickly became a fave. (Hamilton's is still "IT" for me though. :)

  2. <3

    they had a *hop flight* last time we were there.

    it was too much.