Monday, August 24

Head Above Water

Hi there. I miss you and I think about you every day. I hope the time we've spent apart has just brought us closer together. Good times will be had again, I promise!

Update on the flood - we had to move out. The reconstruction went from 3-4 days to 5-6 weeks! And we just couldn't keep being a burden on our (awesome, incredible, generous, amazing) friends for that long. So we found a new place and, although I thought I had learned my lesson about gathering too much stuff from the last catastrophe, I'm excited about decorating a new home.

BUT this time I have a whole new philosphy! When Captain and I first moved in together I felt like we just bought a bunch of (cheap) stuff to fill up our apartment so it felt more like a home. But really we just ended up with a bunch of junk that wasn't really us and wasn't very sustainable or practical. This time around we're going to just get what we really NEED and if we WANT something we're going to make sure it is of good quality even if that means we have to save up for it. This could mean we'll be sitting on the floor in half-finished rooms for a little while. No more Target and IKEA junk for us (OK just a little bit of IKEA junk).

{Top photo via Pia Jane Bijkerk and other photos via Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge}


  1. check out the as is department at the higher end furniture stores. I've found some AMAZING bargins in the ones I frequent. Plus it lets you see the items that are always in there falling apart so you know what NOT to buy.

  2. what an amazing blank slate, can't wait to see what you do with it.
    and AMEN, no more target/IKEA for me either.
    Thrift stores are just as cheap, and better quality.

  3. Oh yes, so was our plan. The result is that we're still pretty much living out of our boxes... It's hard to find affordable but qualitative furniture you think belong with you. Especially if you don't share the same style and are attempting to meet halfway.

  4. hooray for a new home! we're following that philosophy too. it's nice to fill your home with finds that you know you'll want around (and will last) for years to come.

  5. i love the bottom photo! and i agree with you about buying things you will love dear and true till the end, rather than spending pennies on things that fall apart and you tire from. I am glad you reminded me of that. :)