Tuesday, June 2

Sponsor Post: Goldteef

I was thrilled when I received an email from Wren about being a sponsor on Auburn and Ivory. Wren runs the super cool vintage shop Wren Retro (she has some sweet vintage shoes...if only they were in bigger sizes..hint hint) and has recently started the ultra super blog Goldteef. Wren is seriously hilarous and has a great eye and ear. I love her description of the blog:

"Goldteef is a resource for decorating, style, wedding, relationship, puppy, and vintage ideas! So essentially it's kind of like "Suicide Soda" where you just mix together every soda at the fountain! I'm striving to make a blog that is a little corner of the Internet readers can go to for a laugh and some inspiration!"

So head on over to Goldteef for a hearty laugh and a dose of inspiration!

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