Wednesday, June 3

Interview Project with David Lynch

Captain forwarded David Lynch's Interview Project to me today. It is really fascinating. Interview Project is a 20,000 mile road trip over 70 days across the US and back. Along the way, the IP team will interview random people that they meet on the side of the road, in bars, etc. Every three days a new interview will be posted. Each person has a unique story to tell and each interview is an introduction to a person that you may never have met or known of in any other way.

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  1. This is a wonderful project and reminds me of my very favourite lesson from my first year in university. I hope we all had that eye opening moment. Here are words of Hermann Hesse's Demian. Read it if only for the prologue:

    ..'But each person is not only himself, hi is also the unique, very special point, important and noteworthy in every instnace, where the phenomena of the world meet, once only and never again in the same way. And so every person's story is impoartant, eternal, divine; and so ever person, to the extent that he lives and fulfills nature's will, is wonderous and deserving of full attention.'