Tuesday, May 26

Last Weekend's Parties

I took some polaroids of the cupcakes I made for the Stone Brewery birthday party. Here is what the party planner had to say:

"Several people told me that they were the best cupcakes anyone had ever eaten in their lives. Just to illustrate the effect they had, we were a large party of thirteen people that had been loud and chatty and having fun all night. When the cupcakes were served, absolute silence descended on the table as everyone ignored their friends and concentrated only on the cupcakes. And minutes before everyone had been complaining that they were so full they wouldn't be eating for another week, and then everyone was asking for seconds!"

And even more cupcakes! Yes, I was a baking machine!
Chocolate Covered Banana!

Mascarpone Cheese with Strawberry Glaze


  1. that's so freakin cooool!! congratulations!

  2. coming out of the shadows to say - good for you!!! they look so good, i'm dying for a cupcake now.

  3. go you! congrats on your cupcake success!

  4. mmm, sounds delicious. any secret ingredients?

  5. Congrats to you sweetness! They look deliciously beautiful.. oh and I didn't forget to send you the answers to your interview questions. Last week's work deadlines ate up all my time!
    Talk to you soon! :)