Friday, May 29

The Fresh Air Fund

A couple of days ago I received an email from Sara at the Fresh Air Fund. The Fresh Air Fund is a non-profit organization that provides free summer vacations to New York City children from low-income communities. They spend time in small town host homes as well as Fresh Air camps.
I had never heard of this program before Sara wrote me but looking through the website and the photos I was reminded of my own experience living in a pretty small town where being outdoors and having room to explore was just part of growing up. I spent most of my childhood out of doors in the woods, in fields, in streams and I can't even imagine how different I would be if those things hadn't been accessible to me. I also attended summer camp every year and almost every weekend our family would spend a day "discovering" which usually involved us getting lost but also allowed us to experience new places and things. When I was younger, I did take for granted these things and assumed that every kid grew up this way. There are so many children, however, that can't just get out of the crowded, hot city to go for a hike or jump in a lake. I love that there is a program like this for them to experience the things I cherished as a kid as well as an adult.

From now until the end of June, every contribution that is made to Fresh Air will be matched. So if you give $25 Fresh Air will get $50. You can also give by volunteering to be a host family for a summer. Learn more here and here.

I have decided to donate a proceed of all Auburn & Ivory sponsorships to the fund so if you want to give AND be an A&I sponsor click here.

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