Wednesday, May 20

Clare Grill's Cakes


When You Get That Old

My nana had this trippy fruit and berries wallpaper in her house when I was little. My sister and I would pretend we were in Willy Wonka's factory and lick the walls. I'm afraid that Clare Grill's cake paintings would have a similar effect on me and if I had them in my house Captain would catch me licking the canvas.
UPDATE: Watch out for a print of Cake up on 20x200!


  1. hahahaa! sounds like you and your sister were pretty awesome little kids.

    i just looked at your engagement photos (after linking from your q&a) - they're amazing! i LOVE them!

  2. miss havisham wallpaper! okay, maybe a bit happier.

  3. Since when was there anything wrong with that?

    My co-workers catch me eating pieces of our front lobby bouquets all the time. I've still yet to find anything edible- but am convinced our florist is sneaking bits of herbs in randomly. At least, they look like herbs...

  4. haha that's awesome about the wallpaper-I thought the first cake was real at first and I wondered whether icing was smeared all over the wall!