Thursday, May 21

ACE HOTEL: Palm Springs

I am obsessed with the Ace Hotels especially the Palm Springs location. This is exactly what I want my house to look like. It brings to mind 70s California, Henry Diltz and The Doors. I love that the rooms have record players. Not sure why I would need to stay in a hotel to listen to records when I can do that at home but I have a feeling my Gram Parsons albums would sound so much better in this environment. Check out Michael Antonia's photo shoot there with his wife and baby (aka the most gorgeous family in the world).


  1. i am becoming seriously obsessed too! can't wait to stay at the one in Portland!! :)

  2. geez-- i've been thinking about this place for awhile but had no idea that record players were included. now i can definitely convince my boyfriend to escort me!

  3. Uhg! The Portland Ace is my lust spot.
    So great.