Tuesday, April 7

Bird on the Wire with a Blind Tiger

I am so excited for tonight. I'm going to eat my favorite sandwhich - the blind tiger - from Hamiltons and THEN I get to see Mr. Cohen at Copley. Can't. Wait. You can start being jealous right...about...now.

{photo via notes from a room}

PS: There was this great photo of a room with a Cohen record displayed in my google reader last week. I knew it would be perfect for this post but I forgot to star it. Does anyone know where it is? I looked through all my subscriptions and can't find it!


  1. Soooo jealous! I hope he's swell (of course he will be!)

  2. I've always gone to Hamilton's for the amazing beers on tap, but not the food. Good to know the sandwiches are as tasty as the brews. Have fun at the show!