Tuesday, March 31

Jackson, Johnston & Roe.

My friend Noa sent me the link to her friend's clothing line - Jackson, Johnston & Roe. I love the sophisticated cut and the 40s summer camp (for grown ups) feel of their Spring 2009 collection. I think I would feel like Katharine Hepburn on holiday in these outfits.

I also love the story behind the design trio:

"Childhood friends Sara Moffat, Teo Griscom, and Riley Salyards assumed their mothers' maiden names for their womenswear design endeavor -- jackson, johnston & roe. Drawing on interdisciplinary strength (art, theatre and painting), the design trio combines their aesthetic visions to create clothing that is timeless and of the time."

For even more info on this amazing collection check out Pia Jane Bijkerk's post.