Friday, March 6

Big Sur and Big News

So I finally remembered to take the polaroids with me to work so I could share photos of my past trip with you. It was SO romantic and SO relaxing I had a hard time leaving. We kayaked with sea otters, slept in a yurt, went hot tubbing at sunset. It was INcredible and I highly recommend you get some Big Sur in your life.

McWay Falls

Our Yurt at Treebones

Moonstone Beach

And then being the crazy kids that we are we decided to get engaged! Actually, we decided to get engaged last December and I've been keeping it a secret until now. We wanted to have a private engagement "ceremony" before we made it official. It was romantic and silly and sweet and totally us. But now that it is officially official I'm happy to tell the world about it! :)

I promise not to bombard this blog with wedding related stuff. That's why I have my OTHER blog! I don't want Captain to know about it so I'm going to drop hints every now and then so you can find it.


  1. Ha! I was totally in the same boat... engaged in November, kept it a secret until April. And then it was SO AWESOME to tell everyone! Congratulations! And for what it's worth, I've been using your blog for wedding inspiration loooong before now anyway!

  2. Hip hip hooray! Getting and being married is so much fun.

  3. congratulations, officially!! that's so exciting!!

  4. That's amazing! Congratulations!! Sounds like it was such a sweet way to enter being engaged, too. Let me just say, it's even sweeter being married. Love your photos.

  5. You crack me up.

    a) Duh you've been engaged since December. Um, look at your blogroll.

    b) I thought this *was* your wedding blog!

  6. Aw, how exciting :) I want to hear more about Big Sur - we are thinking of going there for our minimoon. What do you suggest?

  7. ah, el yurt. good to know you loved treebones! we tried to stay at deetjen's the last time we were in big sur but had to camp out in the rain instead. camp out in the rain and our tent leaked and a raccoon tried to break into our vestibule.

    next time: a yurt at treebones.