Friday, February 6

Feeding the Machine

Like I just said to the captain, I really do NOT want to support the money making movie machine that craps out movies like Bride Wars and Mall Cop (seriously, people, MALL COP!) and turns people's brain to fluff and mush. I do not want Hollywood to think it's OK to make big bucks / low brain power movies like these over and over again instead of films that might actually stimulate thought and conversation. Then, why oh why, do I want to see He's Just Not That Into You???!?? I just think Ginnifer Goodwin is the cutest thing ever. But I will restrain myself and if someone someday just happens to bring over a copy (hem hem DW) I won't say no to two hours of mindless, brain numbing entertainment.

We will now stop ranting and raving and return to our regular program. Thank you!

UPDATE: I'll just read the Liveblog over at Jezebel instead


  1. i know EXACTLY what you mean! ginnifer goodwin is so, so cute, but what a depressing movie!

  2. i lUUUURV Ginny! she's the greatest... and i knew she would be from the moment i first saw her in poopy mona lisa's smile! anyhoo...

    H.J.N.T.I.Y. looks like the worst thing to hit the big screen (jennifer connely what were you thinking?!) yet, i can't wait to numb myself with the privacy of my own home, of course. {p.s. mall cop was actually amazing (due to the increasingly low expectations i had for it) , all thanks to kevin james and his innate talent for physical comedy... however i did fall asleep during the chase scene which isn't a good sign.}

    i digress. yes. i will bring them to you.... bride wars included... and we will numb our mind and overload our tummies... because honestly(!?) what is better(!?) during these hard times?!!!

    I'm sorry, my friend! I am weak! Igmar Bergman's Scenes From a Marriage will have to wait until i regain my strength! ;) xo

  3. Eh, life's too short not to indulge in silly/guilty/embarassing pleasures!