Wednesday, February 4

Cure for the Winter Blues

Yesterday Joanna was feeling a little sad. I can totally relate to this feeling and even though I live in almost perfect weather year round now (don't be jealous it DOES get boring) I do remember long, dark winter days and nights in New England. I thought I would share my remedy for being down in the dumps with you and Joanna.

Step One: Take off your shoes and put on your favorite ______ (dress, lacy pants, bathing suit, etc).

Step Two: Pour yourself a ______ (cocktail, hot chocolate, brewskie, etc.)

Step Three: Upload this video and dance your ass off.

Step Four: Repeat, as necessary.

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  1. Wonderful! I hope I can manage too doing these kind of remedy to even uplift my personality and emotions. Well thanks!

  2. someday i would like to compile a video exclusively of 60's dance scenes and then get my best girlfriend and practice our dance moves in front of the tv all night like we are 11 cause 60's dance moves are the best dance moves.

  3. oh my goodness, that is the cutest thing ever!!!! thank you SO much for this!!!!

  4. Sixties or Bollywood? Sixties Bollywood??? Was there a Bollywood in the sixties??? Whatever. My kid LOVED it. Who needs Disney? She's already got most of the moves down (clearly my kid is cooler than me, which is exactly how I planned it!)