Wednesday, January 21

Trendy Teeny Boppers

When did the starting age for fashionistas become 11 years old? Seriously, I was wearing turtlenecks, paisley vests and pleated pants at age 11. (I'm not lying. There is photographic evidence of this.) Now all these extremely fashion-savvy pre-teens are popping up on Weardrobe and Lookbook!

My favorite (above) - Miss Tavi. Her blog is really sweet (and by sweet I mean quirky goodness).


  1. Yea i was pretty nast at that age. :T

  2. Hey! Stumbled upon your blog via $10,000 wedding. Yep, Tavi is quite the character. When I first discovered her blog a few months ago I sat there and read the whole thing because I was just so impressed that someone so young could have so much style! I was such a nerd at that age, I'm kind of jealous over how cool she is.

  3. I like Tavi too!! Her blog is so much fun, and her sarcasm is hilarious. I knew it wouldn't be long until she wasn't the only one