Tuesday, January 13

Can't STAND it

Ever since I saw this picture from Lobster and Swan I've been dying to replace my ugly plastic eyesore of a jewelry box with a jewelry stand. Then Darling Dexter posted her jewelry stand picks today (hello mr. birdie stand from urban outfitters) and that sealed the deal. Here are my Etsy picks:

Who Made It

Whimsy Stands

Paige Smith Designs

Crows with Bows


  1. I am in desperate need of a jewelry stand too- right now my pretty jewelry is sitting in a shoe box :( I love the whimsy stands one!

  2. I just LOVE my jewelry stand... I got it about a year or so ago from IKEA of all places! I've "grown" out of it now and will need to add another soon! Love these options!

  3. Wow, I love these and that first picture is just all together great! I've got my jewelry spread out in tiny little bowls and such...works for me since I love little bowls, jars and other pretty containers and this way I can actually use them.

  4. could probably find some cool vintage stand too! recycle! Love the lights as a head board idea!

  5. I love those fairy lights above the bed.

    Also, I feel the exact same way about Walmart. I have to make an excuse if someone finds out I went there.

  6. you've officially inspired me. i simply must do something with my horrible box that currently holds all my special little jewels. they should be on display!

  7. Hi,
    I just discovered your blog. Lots of pretty inspiration. Will be visiting again.