Wednesday, January 28

Domino Woes

Every single post in my google reader just announced the end of Domino. It was like 25 slow stabs one right after the other. So just to dig the knife in a little more here's my own little announcement. According to, well, everyone, Conde Nast has decided to stop publication of Domino Magazine despite the installation of a new publisher just two weeks ago. To make matters worse, the website won't even be active. I thought they would at least leave us with something! I vote for a massive Domino swap even though most of my copies have pages ripped out. Maybe we can Save Domino???

Here are some of my favorite pics from past issues:


  1. OMG! I love domino! We must save it!

  2. Ugh, this is terrible! Not only is their magazine just fabulous but their website is usually where I go to get pretty room inspiration. This is no good! I second a domino swap!

  3. what???
    this is terrible.
    I love domino, AND dailydose :(