Wednesday, December 10

Trends: Pirates

So according to East Side Bride's commenters, pirates and eye patches are in and moustaches (as accessories not facial hair - don't worry babe) are out. Personally, I was voting for feathers or monocles but oh well. Actually wearing an eye patch is kind of disorienting so I'm not sure how people will pull it off. I think I'm going to skip the eye patch and just start wearing a parrot on my shoulder.

Top Row: Eyepatch, Bride with Skull Necklace; Moustache and Eye patch sets

Middle Row: Ship Creamer; Pirate Necklace; Pirate Bear

Bottom Row: Ship Wheel Bobby Pins; Ship Cupcake Topper; Skull Ring (I LOVE to wear this ring, btw)

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  1. Ah yes. I noted yesterday's Offbeat Bride post: