Friday, December 19

Oh Diana+

I am the worst Christmas/Birthday sneak. I get this overpowering urge to find my presents. When we were little, my sister and I would sneak into my parents' closet to see what we got. Now Amazon makes it easy with their silly "purchased"/"unpurchased" wish list options. I can't control myself. Seriously, it's like my body is taken over by the sneaky present-finding demon! Then I get really disappointed that I know what I'm getting and I won't be surprised. But I am super excited for one "surprise" which hopefully Captain McCool will let me open before Christmas. Diana+ will just make everything better! Here are some of my favorite flickr pictures taken with a Diana+ camera:

{photos by +maco+, moominsean, I, Timmy, martine.es86}


  1. Very poetic photos, I like them a lot!

  2. I absolutely adore these photos and have been looking at the Diana camera on Urban Outfitters...not sure if it's the same kind, but so cheap!...this just solidified my decision.

  3. Ha ha... I am the exact same way. It's a curse!!