Wednesday, December 10

He Ain't Heavy

Apparently, anorexia is an issue for indie rock boys. Personally, I like a man who looks like he ate a sandwich or two. What's your preference?


  1. i used to feel attracted to skinny guys, but not anymore,
    i want someone to hold me, embrace me, make me feel safe, like a teddy bear, i want to be the little one myself... oh how selfish this sounds !
    but i love your blog forever,
    though i wonder very much what your new one is,

  2. that's just weird. i definitely like them a bit beefier. :)

  3. I have no shame to admit- I am a chubby chaser. ;)

  4. When I first met the man, after years of dating hockey defensemen, it felt like I was cuddling with a bag of sticks. Thank God that age has finally caught up to him and his metabolism and has packed some padding onto my favorite leaning post!