Tuesday, November 11

Grab a Pouf

This is exactly what we need! We live in a teeny weeny apartment with no real room for a dining area so we typically eat around the big square coffee table while catching up on our trashy entertainment TV. That's just fine and dandy when it's the two of us but having company over is a little awkward. I hate making people sit on the floor. Then Desire to Inspire posted the most amazing thing ever - POUFS! I love the pouf. It's like a bean bag chair for grown ups. Here are a few I found around town:


For you crafty folk - figure out how to make your own pouf here!


  1. I've seen some square poufs recently, which were really beautiful. Sorry, I haven't clicked on how to make your own pouf - there is absolutely no chance of me doing that when there are such great options out there.

  2. loving the poufs

    'designing your life'