Wednesday, October 29

Party Board #3: French Masquerade Ball

I have always wanted to be Jennifer Connelly in that incredible ball gown during the dream/party scene from the Labyrinth for Halloween. If I had a grand ballroom I would throw a huge masquerade party but in the style of Marie Antionette (via Sophia Coppola). Scrumptious sweets, champagne, baby blues and sultry pinks.

Top Row: Marie Antionette photo via NYTimes; dress and room photos by James Merrell; Crown by Rose Petite Maison via snippet and ink

Row 2: Mask by TotusMel; Table via si lo voglio; Table number from Retro248; Hair piece by portobello

Row 3: Vintage poster via zest & thyme; Champagne Punch from MS; Macarons via Housemartin; Fan from Favor Ideas

Bottom Row: Cone favors from MS; Dessert Table via Fashion First Lunch Later, Marie Antionette stationary from dovegrey; Marie Antionette cake box from 3littlemiracles

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