Thursday, October 9

Cupcake Tree

I don't know if you know this about me but I'm crazy about cupcakes. I mean loony tunes, seriously. I make cupcakes, like, once a month. But alas I have no cupcake tree and, therefore, my counter space is usually crammed with plates and plates of cakes. Solution! This amazing and beautiful DIY cupcake tree I just discovered at mingaling (a fierce, DIY queen, btw). Of course, my kitchen is the size of a postage stamp so storing that beast would be another challenge. But if ever there is a cupcake party you know I will be there with my cupcake tree on!

Speaking of cakes, I have just come up with my newest project. A cake a week. I want to perfect my cake making abilities as well as learn how to frost one. (My frosting skills are a tad underdeveloped.) So each week I'll make a different cake and the Grand Finale cake will be the mother of all cakes. And after that I'll need a crane to pull me out of the apartment and get me on treadmill! I have enlisted Captain McCool as my photographer and I will share the winners and the disasters with you each week. :)

PS: If you have any suggestions for cakes or recipes or books PLEASE fill me in. Thanks!

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  1. "hello cupcake" is a super cute cupcake book... also, if you are ever in chicago, you MUST go to Sweet Mandy B's on webster.