Monday, October 6

Party Board #1: Autumn Barn Garden Party

I love autumn. I always had an idea that it was my very season but I didn't really know until I moved from New England to California. Here we have a watered-down, almost non-existent version of Fall not the vibrant, crisp, electric, East coast one I grew up with. When I was going to college in Vermont I never really understood why people would travel from MILES away just to watch the freakin' foliage change color. I mean it's just a bunch of leaves, right? Yeah, well, when you have spent 25 years watching the colors change you take it for granted. Right about now I would give anything to jump in my car and drive 2000 miles just to see one red leaf. That's why moving back east is on my life to-do list (not for a couple years so don't worry, Dannikke). Also on that list is to own a barn. And I will have the most bumpin' "hooray it's Fall" barn dinner party you have ever seen. Here's a little tribute to that dream:

TOP ROW: Paper lanterns via Snippet and Ink; Vintage dress at Vintagous; Barn at Brides; Table from Martha Stewart Weddings via flickr

ROW 2: Cider from Jupiter Images; Soup from Brides; Table setting from Toast and Tables; Table photo styled by Rebecca Thuss

ROW 3: Mason Jar lights via Black Eiffel; Table setting from Brides; Invitations by Lena Corwin via Design*Sponge; Cranberries from Brides

BOTTOM ROW: Iced Teaphot by Tiffany Aicklen; Star lantern photo by Susan Dean; Champagne photo by Mantas Wright; cupcakes from Brides


  1. I won't (worry)... as long as you take me with you!

    I imagine we'll all be over there eventually... I will as soon as I figure out how I can be paid for being cool.

    I'm on it, by the way.

  2. would you like me to send you some fall leaves?? i would do it in a second for an invite to your barn party and i promise to bring mulled cider and pumpkin pie with spiced cream :)

  3. This is gorgeous! I would love to have a barn party myself.

    Have a great day!