Monday, October 27


I made Captain McCool go into Anthropologie with me over the weekend and he was like "This is you. as a store." and I'm like "I'm sayin'!" Too bad it is SO not my wallet. But they are hiring for the holidays so I may just stop by with a resume one of the days. There were a couple things that the website just does not give justice.
1. Do-si-do chamise - this has pockets, people! And it feels oh so comfy.
2. These rings look so pretty on (even tho I would only wear three bands at a time).
3. I think living with Captain McCool has had some sort of effect on me. In my single days I would NEVER have opted for a brown leather sofa. Now I think it looks rustic and elegant. There was also an AMAZING wood coffee table at the store that I can't find online.
4. I didn't even know this was called the Amelia (spelled differently than my name but same idea) espresso cup when I fell in love with it at the store.
5. This dress is stunning in person.
6. And I love this lamp in the store and online especially with this shade.


  1. oh my lordie! i love that dress... and it's cheaper than jcrew and BR i think that's even more amazing!! i always considered anthro to be way more expensive!!

    i love it love it love it. i still wish it was $45 tho. haha. ya right.

  2. it is TOTALLY you as a store! i love that. you should work there for the discount and also, to find out how they make all their yummy dresses made from book pages and the like:)